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Before You Book a Lesson...

I normally tutor high schoolers and college students but will work with dedicated scholars as young as ten. 

Please book a minimum of 3 days in advance.  If you use the website forms below, I will make an effort to accommodate whatever time you choose; owing to the limitations of this site, however, I am unable to load up my private calendar and to exclude certain times owing to unavoidable commitments on my personal schedule, such as doctor visits.  Therefore, if there is a conflict between your booking and a pre-existing appointment on my end, I will call you to reschedule.  Moreover, even if there is no conflict, I will still call you to confirm your appointment and to set up a meeting-place. 

Lessons will take place at one of three different locations: Aroma's Café, my home, or your home.  We will decide on the location based upon mutual preference.  Lessons via Zoom are also available, but I highly recommend we meet in person, unless it is impossible to do so (studies have shown that in-person learning is far more effective). 

My phone number, should you need to reach me, is (231) 620–9152.

Booking a Lesson


The Subject-Matter of Your Student's Lessons

The assignments we work on during our lessons might come from  me, or your student's regular instructors.  I am happy to help with homework from your student's school.  I am even happier to make my own assignments and do the kind of higher-quality work that is possible only in the private tutorial setting.  Whether you want to work on existing assignments or entrust me with creating new ones, it will be my pleasure to assist you in any way I can.


I normally accept payment in the form of cash, check, credit card, or PayPal.  Under the right circumstances (if you had something to trade that I needed), I might consent to accept payment in kind.

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